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Mini Origami Letter Art - Sheet Music

Each mini origami letter has been hand crafted using vintage sheet music folded into triangular boxes. Any letter in the alphabet can be created using these origami boxes. The picture frames are 24.7 x 24.7 cm in size.

Sheet Music Coffee Table

This coffee table has been covered in pre loved sheet music. It has a double layer of clear varnish applied so that it is water resistant.
£45.00 £39.00

Sheet Music Origami Canvas

This 3-dimensional canvas has been made using pre loved sheet music. This canvas can be personalized by choosing the music(Rock, Classical, Pop etc.).

Sheet music picture frame

This beautiful wooden photo frame has been covered, using a technique called decoupage, in recycled sheet music. In addition, map origami boxes have been placed in the corners to create the 3D effect. 7" x 5"

Sheet music picture frame

Origami picture frames made using old sheet music. 6" x 4"